Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Habits of Faith: The Underpinnings

This past Sunday we kicked off our Habits of Faith Worship Series.

During the entire season of Lent we'll be working to deliberately, intentionally, purposefully grow in the faith.

I mentioned in my sermon that I have become completely convinced that if you want to change your life then you have to change your habits. Developing habits is how we can make new/important/different things become second nature (remember: it is second nature because it isn't something that comes naturally, but when we work at it and develop it it becomes just as much a part of us as our heart beat or our lungs filling up with air).

If you missed the sermon you can click here and find the audio on the church's website.

In the sermon I mention the blog that I started reading that inspired me down this path. It is Leo Babauta's ZenHabits blog and it is consistently a great read.

If you are looking for a place to start then I suggest his post zenhabits.net/sticky.

It is a fabulous introduction to developing habits, starting small to work your way up, and intentionally carving out a chunk of time every single day. In many ways it provides the underpinings for what we are up to this Lenten Season with our Habits of Faith Worship Series and with the good work that so many folks here at the church are putting into growing in the faith.

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