Tuesday, July 16, 2013

HOPE Partnership at GA

The business sessions started today at General Assembly. There were official reports, recommendations, and resolutions for the Assembly Delegates to receive and consider. 

One of the items on the docket was the official report from Church Extension for Missional Development. These are the folks who helped us with our PIP Project last year AND are helping us with Hope Partnership this year. Here are a couple of things of note from the report:

Rick Risenger lifted up the guiding question: How do we use space and place to foster mission and ministry rather than impeding it?

Gilberto Collazo pushed that "Leaders are helping focus not on administrating a church, but on serving the kingdom of God. "

After the report I ran in to my Hope partnership Clergy Coach Rev. Mike Fronk. Since we had only previously chatted via Skype and Text Message I am glad to finally offer photographic evidence that the two of us actually exist!

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