Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Fifth With First

November 30, 2014 marked another success for "The Fifth with First!"

For the Workship Service we had three dozen people working across two different work sites as we cleaned up local homes in parntership with our friends at Operation Fix-It. Our Workship Crews planted trees, trimmed hedges, laid pavers, and moved rocks -- lots and lots of rocks -- as we helped xeriscape two local yards.

The folks who participated in the Worship Service were treated to a wonderful sermon from our Pastor Emeritus, the Rev. Don Jones (click here to listen to the sermon) and then packed 100 weekend food bags for our mission partners at Healthy Packs.

It was an amazing day where we truly lived out faith, connected with our neighbors, made a difference in the life of others, and did it all to the glory of God!

Here are some photos from the day!

100 Bags for Healthy Packs! 

Yep, that is Henry with a pick ax! 

Bob T. hard at work prepping the edges. 

Shoveling rocks at Property #1 

 Midway through the process at Property 2.

Look at all those rocks! 

 The "After Picture" of Property 2.

 Moving rocks and planting trees at Property 1.

Moving more rocks.  

 The rock pile at Property 1. 

The family was so grateful for the hard work of our Workship
Crew at Property 1 that they even fed them!

 The "After Picture" of Property 1.

Our Workship Crew after finishing the work at two different
properties on behalf of Operation Fix-It!

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