Thursday, January 15, 2015

Three Things: Elders

The Elders had their first meeting of the new year this past Sunday immediately following the Worship Service. Here are "The Three Things" that you should know from that meeting:

  1. This calendar year has 15 Elders listed in service for this congregation; last year there were 11. The increase in number is in part to a new partnership we are trying in two husband/wife teams. Charlie Atkinson and Jeanne Thompson are returning Elders this year but their spouses, Jan and Bob, are joining the Elders as ‘non-public speaking’ Elders. Both are Elders serving in full capacity on our Elder team, but both wished not to get up in front of the church to do the Sunday Elder Prayers. We are excited to have this partnership on our Elder Team and the increase numbers will give our congregation better coverage for continued visitations and prayers.
  2. Sunday's meeting was a regularly scheduled business session for the Elders, but we also like to begin the year with an Annual Elders Retreat. This is an opportunity for the Elders to spend some time in prayer and conversation -- learning best practices from one another, reflecting on what it means to be a "spiritual leader" of the congregation, and seeking God's guidance and blessing in the work that we do. The Elders Retreat will be held at the church on Saturday February 21 starting at 8:30AM.
  3. Beginning this year the Elders will be adapting a program from our sister church in Tucson, Saguaro Christian Church, called the “Weekly Elder Blast.” Once a week the Elders will be notified by email on visits that have been made, visits that need to be made, prayer requests, hospital visits, etc. This will help us know where the needs are and how we can continue to serve.

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