Friday, July 24, 2015

Church Buildings and Mission

This morning I attended the seminar "Holy Spaces, Batman!: Putting Your Church Building to More Faithful and Creative Use."

The Rev. Jim Michel from Church Extension led the seminar, and he started things off by giving us this handout...

...and asking us to fill it out. Interesting to think about, right? What 10 organizations, ministries, and community programs come to mind for you? Who could and should we be partnering with and sharing our space with?

While you thin up your list, let me share the seven guidelines that Jim lifted up for us.

Guidelines for Effectively Using Your Church Building
1) Get the congregation as a whole to buy in
2) Start with existing relationships
3) Look for partners with a common mission/vision
4) Have a clear understanding of the agreement upfront
5) Address zoning/insurance/code issues
6) consider wear and tear on the building and any increased demand on church staff
7) Assess your building to determine how it can be put to use

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