Thursday, September 17, 2015

Kick-Off Sunday Prayer

As part of our Kick-Off Sunday last week, my son Henry and I wrote a special prayer of blessing for our Sunday School classes and then we went from class room to class room praying it out loud.

Here is the prayer that we offered (by the way, kinda cool that it came out looking like a heart, right!):

Dear Lord, Our     Great Teacher,
We come to you today to prayer for our
Sunday School Classes and everything we
learn here about you. We thank you for our
wonderful teachers and the beautiful space
you have provided us. We ask that everyone
who gathers here learns a lot about you and
deepens their faith in your. We thank you
for Jesus, our Savior, because he has
helped us know you and your
love. May everything that we 
do here glorify you and 
your holy name. 
We love you!

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