Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Whiteboard: The Fifth With First

This Sunday is The Fifth With First!

A quick refresher: The Fifth With First is our church-wide shorthand for “The Fifth Sunday with First Christian Church” and on those months with an extra Sunday (it happens four times a year) we use that additional Sunday to put our faith into action in our local community. We do it by having two services. We have a Worship Service in the Sanctuary that is followed by a Mission Project opportunity in our Fellowship Hall and we have a Workship Service (see what we did there!) where I lead a team of volunteers from the church in a brief prayer service at Chaparral Park before we head out to do direct service with one of our ministry partners.

On November 29 we have special things lined up for both services!

For the Workship Team: We’ll meet at Chaparral Park at 9AM for our prayer service and then we’ll head out to partner once again with our friends from Operation Fix-It. We've been working with Operation Fix-It for three years now. This Sunday we'll be helping one of our local Scottsdale neighbors get their house back up to code by doing needed yard work.

For the Worship Folks: We have a special worship service planned in the Sanctuary. We'll be doing a "Jesse Tree" Service. Based on the Biblical promise that "a shoot shall come form the stump of Jesse" (Jesse is the father of the great King David) and our faith that Jesus is the one who brings God's promises to fruition, the Jesse Tree Service is an opportunity for us to hear and reflect on several different stories from our biblical tradition. Oh, and we get to decorate a tree too! After the Worship Service the Outreach Team will have a "Christmas Bag Assembly Line" ready for you in the Fellowship Hall where you'll have the opportunity to put together gift bags to benefit the children and young people from Vista Del Camino.

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