Thursday, May 23, 2013

3 Things from Administrative Council

Administrative Council had their regularly scheduled meeting this past Sunday right after church. Here are
"The Three Things" you need to know from that meeting.

  1. PIP Update -- Remember the loan we took out through Church Extension in order to complete our Property Improvement Projects? Well, I am thrilled to announce that WE PAID OFF THE LOAN! That means that we are debt free! We still have improvements we would like to make along with repairs and maintenance that continues to be needed, so if you have money left on your pledge I hope that you will continue to give generously towards it. Just because we have paid back the loan doesn't mean we are done with the project...but it is a major step!
  2. Budget Conversation -- The Administrative Council continues to monitor the 2013 General Budget closely. You will remember that at our December Annual Meeting we passed a budget that included a line item for "Additional Fundraisers" in order to balance the budget (remember that we lost the cellphone tower rental income that we had been receiving for the last several years). Members of church leadership are working hard on our budgeting issues. You'll be hearing more in the coming weeks about fundraisers and opportunities to financially support the mission and ministry of our church.
  3. Al Beasley, moving toward Commissioned Ministry -- Did you know that our very own Al Beasley has been intentionally working toward Commissioned Ministry? He has completed a rigorous 16-week long "Foundations in Ministry Course" through the Arizona Region, met with the AZ Region's Commission on Ministry, completed a professional assessment and an "independent exploration" where he met with AZ pastors and attended other Disciples congregations in Arizona. Al also helped lead our Elders Retreat back in February. Through this process Al has discerned a calling for Pastoral Visitation and this summer we will have the opportunity to affirm him as our Minister of Visitation at a congregational meeting -- in the same way that we have affirmed Judy Stall as our Minister of Outreach. I'm truly excited about this possibility and you'll be hearing a lot more about it in the coming weeks!

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