Thursday, May 2, 2013

Whiteboard: Renewal

Jesus heals a man who cries out to him.

This man has been ill for 38-years, and he is alone. No one is there with him and no one can help him.

Jesus approaches and asks if he wants to be made well. Jesus speaks with the man, hears his pain, and in commands him to get up, take his mat, and walk. And just like that the man is healed.

It sounds like another miraculous healing story -- amazing in its own right, but not altogether different from what we have already heard and seen Jesus do.

It is just another healing story, until we recognize that little detail about the context. Scripture tells us "Now that day was a sabbath" and suddenly everyone is up in arms. 

You can't work on the sabbath! But what if it is an act of mercy? Or charity? 

You simply can't do such things on the day of rest! But he has been hurting for so long? 

God said not to work on sabbath! God said that we are to act justly, do mercy, and walk humbly. And Jesus said, "God is still working, so I am working."

What is a faithful understanding of the Sabbath? What does it mean to us as Christians? How to we rest, renew, and do good work? 

This Sunday we will draw from John 5 as we gather in worship, seek God's holy word for us, and renew ourselves (mind, body, and spirit) by worshiping the Lord. 

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