Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pentecost Offering

I just got off the phone with a staff member from Hope Partnership.

He was calling to remind me about the Pentecost Special Offering that our churches will receive on the next two Sundays and as we were talking he casually mentioned that we were one of the Top 200 supporters for the Pentecost Special Offering last year!

How about that!

In helping to resource our churches for the 2013 Pentecost Special Offering Hope Partnership has put together the following video.


The 2013 Pentecost Special Offering benefits the new church movement. We need your support. This offering is creating opportunities to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in places that don’t have a Disciples witness. When you give to the Pentecost Offering, one half of your gift stays in the Region where you live and one half goes to Hope Partnership for Missional Transformation to support the recruitment, assessment, training and coaching of new church pastors, spouses and core team members. We'll be receiving it in worship May 12 and May 19. Make sure to mark your contributions with the note "Pentecost Offering".

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