Thursday, January 16, 2014

FCC Scottsdale 50th Anniversary

Our 50th Anniversary is right around the corner!

And we have big plans for that day (February 9, 2014 by the way) including a special worship service at 10:15, Brunch at Noon, and a Afternoon Program at 1:30. We are expecting a big crowd, but to help us get a sense of just how many folks will be there we're accepting RSVP's to help the planning committee to prepare appropriately. Each Sunday in January we are including a yellow RSVP insert in the Sunday morning bulletin -- just fill it out and drop it in the basket in the narthex. Or you can always call or email us in the church office and we'll make sure we have included in the totals.

Yesterday our faithful 50th Anniversary Planning Team met for their final planning session (they'll still be meeting for a few more work days in advance of the celebration, but this was the last "committee style" meeting). They have done tremendous work over the last 18 months to get us ready for our 50th Celebration. I cannot thank our Pastor Emeritus, the Rev. Don Jones enough for chairing our committee and leading our group of volunteers forward.

The 50th Anniversary Planning Team includes (pictured below from left to right): Liz Leach, Don Jones, Joan Brune, Carolann Prast, Marilyn White, Brian Frederick-Gray, and Curt McCormick as well as Jan Atkinson (unpictured).

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